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Just three(3) Steps to Success

Welcome to the system that will change the
cycle of your business for ever.

  • Prospecting

    #1 Lets gets to know your customers.

    We start by asking the right question. We want to know your customers so we can go find them around the internet. We want only the customers you enjoy working with. This are not those ones who patronize you the most and pay the coins your business still struggles with. NO! We want those customers who leave a smile on your face with you hopping they come back. We will bring many more of them for you.

  • Leads

    #2 We find them for you as leads

    We will find those people who are like you ideal customers accross the internet, collecting the right information we need to convert them. At this stage they become leads.

  • Sales

    #3 We help you convert your Leads to Sales

    Armed with the right information we have scraped from our generated leads and a strategy that has an 80% success rate, we will run our convesion funnel accross all genrated leads, cycling the leads through a conversion process where they go from cold to warm and begin to genrate HOT SALES.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Bellow are the mostly asked question
from our customers.

We use tools to get data accross the internet of individuals or businessess who fit your perfect customer niche. In this regard we will collect only public information that we need to have access to this individuals or business contacts and get them to buy our goods or service. Hence we collect their email address, mobile contacts where available, place of work, position and other public information where available. This data we will send to you for future use as it is part of what you are paying for.
All emails are passed through a verification process. For an email to be valid to us it must first meet the bellow criteria.
  • Accurate syntax, including support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) and
  • mailboxes, meaning we can even validate non-ASCII email addresses. Role accounts
  • Domain / DNS records
  • Disposable email addresses (DEA)
  • Mail exchangers (MX) validity
  • Catch-all addresses
  • Non-existent mailboxes (including Yahoo! support)
  • Temporary unavailability
  • Honey Pot detection
Not to worry! We write your sales copywriting scripts for you and help you convert your leads while you focus on the other important things you love doing. Our sales scripts are drafted based on the solution you are selling and the audience this solution is being sold to. Note, we do not send out any marketing without formal approval from an authoritative member of your team. We advice that the first email (cold email) should have an offer that is given for free so as to warm up the realationship. This would be further explained to you when engaged.
No! We will work with you to create your first 20 leads for free. Going further we expect to be paid our required monthly fee in other to work.
Your service is automatically cancled once we have delivered in numbers on our offerings for the month. However you can request at anytime that we cancel your service at anytime you wish for any reason best known to you. Once this request is made work stops imidiately. We will like to know however why you would make such a request
You can contact our help center or any contact method (phone call, email or appear at our office) to get help.