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Our Success story

Things took a heavy turn around for good when we discovered the power in lead generation.
Here is our story.

We learned one thing about the internet and that is;
"It only Gives what is taken."
Steadily we tried to break the boundries of sales with digital product, its wasnt like we had bad products but something just made it difficult to makes sales.

At Azed Communications, we are here simply to help individuals or businesses build degital products or gain more sales through leads genration and degital marketing on the internet. We are an agency that has through perciverance creacked the codes to the problems that cause stagnation of sales, poor product adoption and non conveting website, web or mobile applications. We put ourselves in the customers shoes to fully understand what they want and need, to build handy solutions to for their need or create marketing strategies to sell to them.

In our three years of existence we have built applications that have taken on hundreds of thousands and more users. We have created systems that have generated almost over 1(one) Million Dollars in sales to our customers. We have made our mistakes and have seen our successes. We want to help other businesses or founders to not make the mistakes we made, you too should not have to learn the hard way. We will help you build great tech products and find early stage or growth stage customers, build conversion strategies and bring sales to your business.


It was a dream come true as we just wanted to build stuff.

The journey of Azed Communications has been a fantastic one. It was just a few experienced software engineers coming together to build amazing tech products to solve problems, whether we were getting paid for it or not.

This passion pushed us to do great work even when the odds never seemed to be in our favor.

A business is born.

No successful business is built on just passion alone. For there to be a business there must be a system and a strategic approach to sales, sustainability and growth.

This led to lots of learning, research and heartbreaking experiences that led to the creation of our very own digital sales system. We realized that by just helping our clients to build great products, we were not actually doing enough as most of these ideas would just die off in thin air after months of spinning around.

Our Sales and Growth System.

Everything we touch turns to gold because like refined gold we have refined our systems through research and experimentation. We build websites that convert(sell), mobile applications that turn into a business and scale. Our leads generation techniques produce at least 40% conversion (sales).

We are one the perfect partners for anyone wanting to make a breakthrough in tech whether you want to use digital tools to grow your business sales or want to build products that can scale across millions of users. Our process was not easy but we have learnt to make yours easy. Take a step and work with us, we respond in 30 mins to 1 hour depending on our traffic and we are very easy to work with.

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